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3 Keys To Make Your Dreams A Reality

How many times have you set out with a big vision of what you want to create, only to have it flop?

This can be disheartening. I get it. Even for the most uber motivated people.

In this quick video I share 3 keys to overcoming resistance when following your dreams.

Key 1: Acknowledge the resistance

Annoying but true. As soon as we put our attention towards something, it’s inevitable that a part of us will resist it at some point. This is especially true for the BIG things in life. The bigger the vision, the more time and energy we have to invest in making it happen, and the more change we have to make to the way we’ve been doing things.

Yep. You can bet resistance will arise!

But rather than denying, ignoring, or fighting the resistance, what if we acknowledged it? Like an old friend, what if we took it out for a cup of coffee and asked it what it wants to tell us? What might it divulge? Chances are it has some valuable thoughts to contribute to our grand scheme. Just like doing weights at the gym, resistance is important in building muscle. Let it help you along the way.

Key 2: Open to the possibility of your big dream

Really owning your dream is no small deal. It means you are stepping into a calling, into your power, into something magnificent that you truly, madly deeply want (for yourself or others). Now if that dream seems out of reach from where you are right now, then really committing to it and admitting this could actually happen can be challenging. Even somewhat frightening.

Strangely, it is surrendering to our own potential that often holds us back.

But opening to the possibility of your dreams coming true, simply means that—opening to the possibility. This is a gentle step in the right direction. We must first know it is possible before it becomes probable, and then inevitable. Trust that this essential small step can lead to big things.

And give yourself FULL PERMISSION to dream.

There are many reasons why you (or others) may not have given yourself permission to this point. Don’t worry yourself too much with all those reasons and restrictions. The point is, you’re here now. And YOU, my friend, are a powerful creator of your destiny. It beings with your vision of what you really want. So let yourself have this vision, at the very least.

Key 3: Tap into previous lived experiences of success

When in your life have you experienced a feeling of flow? Of joy? Of timelessness?

These are really important moments to stay connected to in order to make your dreams a reality. By re-exeriencing the feeling state of these lived moments, you are able to create more from this space.

These moments are important because they hint at the true essence of you—your most natural self. When you can live from and create from this place, you’ll find the quality of your thoughts and actions are more in alignment with what you really want. Decisions will be easier to make. Life path will be clearer. And all that is most useful when navigating the journey of making your best life your daily reality.

In the comments, I’d love to hear about your big dream and what’s worked for you in overcoming resistance to making it happen.

Shine on! Be amazing. Big love.

Nicole xox