Imagine a safe (and luxurious) place where you can gather with others to share about your spiritual and sacred experiences.

Welcome to the Gold Tent.


The vision

The Gold Tent movement was born from the vision of having gathering places in communities across the globe, where you can share about your spiritual experiences and hear about the experiences of others.

Gold Tents are neutral sharing spaces, with the purpose of personal and collective nourishment and connection. We welcome all spiritual and religious journeys, though we don’t follow or endorse any particular teaching, method, religion or wisdom path.

We believe a world where honouring spiritual health and celebrating spiritual wealth is not only possible, it’s essential if we are to truly thrive as a species.

connect • share • reflect • play • celebrate • be you


the invitation

We’re on a mission to elevate the spiritual wellbeing of humanity, one tent at a time.

This is your invitation to join us.

When you enter a Gold Tent, you’ll be warmly welcomed by a trained Gold Tent facilitator. We sit in circle. Each Gold Tent has a theme for exploration and we take a talking-stick approach so everyone has an opportunity to share. Of course, you’re very welcome to simply listen too. Sometimes there’s a featured speaker or a special event. Each Gold Tent will be tastefully crafted.


the need

Spiritual health is one of those things we don’t talk about. And yet, it’s essential for a well-rounded and meaningful life.

We know how to tend to our physical and mental health, but how do we tend to spiritual health?

We have more tools for spiritual opening and growth than ever before, and in a world starved of meaning and facing crisis on many fronts such pathways are desirable. But there are risks and very few places to safely process and share about these experiences. Spiritual experiences vary widely and they take time to integrate. The road is different for each person.

We also live in the most technologically wired time ever but we’ve never been so disconnected from self, family, community and our planet. This is just as much a spiritual matter as it is a intrapersonal, interpersonal, social and ecological one.

We’re also living in a time where suicide is sky-rocketing, especially among youth. This is unacceptable and something is missing from the picture in how we navigate this delicate terrain. Strengthening spiritual health is not the only answer, but it’s an important part. These are existential matters, after all.


The Benefits

Research has proven that sharing your spiritual experiences has these benefits:

  • improved wellbeing

  • a greater sense of life purpose and meaning

  • reduced stress

  • and even improved intimacy!

In fact, simply listening to others share these experiences can have the same effect.

Joining a Gold Tent also means you’ll find your tribe and become an active agent of awesome in your community.

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