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Shine Brighter success circle

rise to the life that calls you & find true freedom

This 6-month journey is for big-spirited people ready to live in greater alignment with who you know you are. You'll clear the life clutter so you can make the inner and outer changes needed to step even more powerfully into your unique gifts, genius, and radiance. You're now ready to serve others in bigger and better ways. You're ready to elevate your relationships and circle of influence. You're ready to shine brighter in all that you do and create true life wealth. This is not about taking on more, it's about unleashing your natural brilliance even more powerfully and purposefully. 

Through weekly live group coaching via zoom, you'll get the practical strategies and soulful support needed to gracefully deal with the obstacles and fast-track the life that's busting to be fulfilled through you. Wild. Naked. Free. You're here to have phenomenal experiences after all. Shall we get on with it?

Includes a Gifts Compass™ online assessment and 1-to-1 debrief. This self-discovery tool shines a spotlight on your natural gifts and potential. It's gold for optimum life, love, leadership, and making the most of your "superpowers". 

Payment plan available. If this is for you, let's talk and make this happen. 


Deep Dive Intensive
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deep dive intensive

gain clarity, focus & Ease on your life path 

This 3 hour soul-to-soul intensive will give you the clarity and confidence to take the next steps towards your radiant life vision. We'll explore a spectrum of options, then create a laser-focused, feel-good strategy to get you even more powerfully aligned with how you want to be. Think soulful, steady, and sustainable. You'll get the spirit-mind-body support you need to address current challenges and go boldly forth. Walk away feeling energized and ready for action.

Includes a Gifts Compass™ assessment, which you'll complete online before we meet. This self-discovery tool shines a spotlight on your natural gifts and potential. It's gold for optimum life, love, leadership, and making the most of your "superpowers". We'll debrief in our session.

Plus 1 month e-mail support to keep you accountable and on the road to success.  

We meet online via zoom. In person Deep Dive Intensives are sometimes available when I'm travelling. Check here to see if I'll be in your part of the world anytime soon. 


the emergence salon

community from the comfort of home

Welcome to your tribe. This is a gathering place for people who've had an awakening or NOTE (non-ordinary transcendent experience) of any kind. That includes experiences of the near-death, paranormal, out-of-body, psychedelic, kundalini, peak, and mystical kind, as well as any extraordinary experience that seemed to defy the laws of reality as you knew it. This is a safe and welcoming space where you can share and integrate your experiences. Get evidence-based tips on how to make the most of your transformative experiences, explore themes commonly faced during spiritual emergence, and enjoy being supported as you elevate your life to the next level of wellbeing, whatever that looks like for you. 

The benefit? Research has proven that sharing your extraordinary experiences has numerous benefits, including improved well-being, a greater sense of life purpose and meaning, reduced stress, and even improved intimacy (wink, wink). 

We meet monthly via zoom for 2 hours. Your investment gives you an annual pass. 

The Emergence Salon
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