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My newest book The Power of NOTEs is a practical guide for people who've had non-ordinary transcendent experiences and want to make the most of these exceptional events. NOTEs include experiences such as near-death, spiritual awakening, paranormal, peak, psychedelic, and hundreds of others that bend our usual concept of time, place, and reality as we've known it. These experiences are happening more than ever but the support to integrate them well is sorely lacking. The book brings together personality, neuroscience, transpersonal psychology, and some of my favourite coaching tools so you can get on with living your fullest with the fruits of your NOTEs.


If you're a hard-core nerd and want a really deep dive, you'll find my doctoral dissertation that inspired the book here. It's a comprehensive study into NOTEs and how they relate to personality from a Jungian perspective. 


Women of the Wise Earth was made for women who yearn for a deeper connection to Mama Earth and the feminine pulse. This book was lovingly co-created with 33 women healers, spiritual teachers, artists, yoginis, dancers, poets, mamas, sisters, daughters. We came together with the intention of birthing a practical resource for siSTARs around the globe to honour, celebrate, and surrender to their womanly radiance. It's filled to the brim with beautiful pictures, activities, reflections, and stories. A perfect daily companion for the modern soulful woman. I'm proud to say this book continues to spark WOWE circles around the world.


Dancing with Dragons goes deep. It's a personal bare-all of some of the hardest experiences of my life and how healing and transformation came about. Hopefully you'll laugh. Maybe you'll cry. But really, it's not about me. My story simply serves as an example of the dark side of the light and the obstacles that can arise on a journey to greater wholeness and health. The "dragons" I encountered are archetypal forces. They're available to anyone. And if we dare to dance with them, they'll likely reach into our most primal layers but they'll also help pull out the gold. 


The Plateau Experience is a peer-reviewed article on Maslow's forgotten theory. Towards the end of his life, he spoke of a state beyond peak experiences and self-actualization that he believed was a fuller and healthier expression of being human. It's a state where the miraculous and the ordinary exist together. He believed this to be the ultimate goal of the spiritual quest and human nature at its best.


Chop Wood, Carry Water is an upcoming peer-reviewed article that explores what happens when ordinary people have awakening experiences. It asks if current definitions of awakening are too limited to include the experiences people are currently reporting.