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the power of notes book


If you've ever had a near-death experience, spiritual awakening, out-of-body experience, or any other extraordinary experience that seemed to defy the laws of reality as you knew it, then The Power of NOTEs is the guide you need to help harness the knowledge and perspective gained to elevate your life to the next level of being.

Through real experiencers’ stories and evidence-based research, The Power of NOTEs reveals the following:

· why NOTEs are humanity’s best-kept secret

· the good, the challenging, and the dark side of NOTEs

· how and why we’re neurologically hardwired to experience NOTEs

· how NOTEs affect and enhance flow states

· how NOTEs differ based on personality

· the optimum ways to work with NOTEs, both during and beyond the experience

· why NOTEs experiencers are at the forefront of humanity's evolution

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get inspired with in-depth expert interviews


My show World of Wellbeing is the place to be for intimate deep dives into the lives and minds of leading experts on psycho-spiritual health and wellness, as well as success stories from change-agents who've been through profound transformations of spirit, mind, and body.


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