Online Book Launch!
12:00 PM12:00

Online Book Launch!

The Power of NOTEs is now available worldwide!

Join me for an online party to celebrate the release of my newest book The Power of NOTEs: How Non-Ordinary Transcendent Experiences Transform The Way We Live, Love & Lead.

I'll walk you through the book's highlights and show how it can be used as a powerful tool to make the most of your extraordinary experiences. 

There will be special guests sharing their NOTE stories, how these experiences transformed their lives, and how they found their way to doing what they love in the world. 

And of course, I'll be giving away signed copies (shipped anywhere in the world) to a handful of lucky attendees.

I'll also be opening the invitation to join The NOTEs Mentorship, a 9 month coaching journey for spiritually savvy folks to finally make your calling a living, breathing, prosperous reality. Starts Jan 2019. Only open to those ready to bravely and boldly step into the Force of Awesomeness you are designed to be. 

Wear something gold, grab a cuppa, and bring an open mind. 

I very much look forward to seeing you LIVE soon.

Here's what people are saying:

As William James pointed out, what we think of as ‘normal’ awareness is just one out of a whole spectrum of different states. With great clarity and energy, Nicole Gruel explains why non-ordinary states have such significance and may even hold the key to our future as a species.

—Steve Taylor, PhD, author of The Leap and Spiritual Science

This book is a wonderful support for those who experience non-ordinary transcendent experiences (NOTEs) and a clear perspective to help everyone understand their potential for life transformation. Gruel blends the perspective of noted scientists and psychiatrists like Carl Jung with remarkable stories of experiencers and offers ways to integrate the insights from these moments into the flow of life. She offers an impressive contribution to the field of transpersonal psychology and spiritual emergence.

—Bonnie Greenwell, PhD, Psychotherapist, Non-dual teacher, and author of When Spirit Leaps: Navigating the Process of Spiritual Awakening.

Nicole Gruel explores in this thoughtful work the secret of psychological transformation—NOTEs and also equally importantly what to do with them. This is a deep and, the same time, practical book that should find a wide readership.

—Murray Stein, PhD, Training and Supervising Analyst at ISAPZURICH

Dr. Nicole Gruel’s common-sense and inspirational style of writing, along with her ability to blend research with direct experience, makes this book the new required reading in the field of Spiritual Emergence and Emergencies. 

—Elizabeth J. Sabet, PCC, ASCLC, President of The American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences (ACISTE), Transformational/Transpersonal Coach

About the book:

The Power of NOTEs is a self-empowerment guide for experiencers of NOTEs (non-ordinary transcendent experiences). NOTEs include spiritual awakening, near-death, mystical, kundalini, paranormal, peak, psychedelic, visionary, out-of-body, dark-night, profound dreams, and hundreds of other extraordinary experiences that happen to ordinary people every day across the planet.

NOTEs are on the rise, thanks to the smorgasbord of spiritual development tools, consciousness-altering substances, life-resuscitating technologies, and an ever- increasing appetite to hack human potential. They’re often pleasant, sacred, and expansive and, in time, can be integrated smoothly into our life. But sometimes they’re complex and challenging, even life-threatening. They can lead to physical, emotional, psychological, and social challenges, such as relationship breakdowns, a sense of going mad,” feeling stuck between worlds, isolation, heightened sensitivities, and confusion about one's life direction. Either way, NOTEs can forever change a person and be the most important thing that’s ever happened to them.

NOTEs are one of the most important conversations of our times yet they remain shrouded in mystery and misinformation. It’s time for experiencers to speak out because when the fruits of NOTEs go unshared, we all miss out. Through stories of experiencers and new discoveries in consciousness research, The Power of NOTEs explores practical ways to harness NOTEs and make them the seeds for a potent, fulfilled, and meaningful life. Find out what life is like beyond transformation and how NOTEs can benefit our lives, loved ones, communities, and, ultimately, the world.

With this book you will:

  • Make NOTEs powerful allies in creating the life and love you most desire

  • Access your personality's natural strengths and supernatural gifts

  • Learn optimum ways to work with challenging and distressing NOTEs

  • Know how to share NOTEs with loved ones so they can better understand and support your transformation

  • Effectively help someone experiencing NOTEs

  • Harness the power of NOTEs so you can become an agent of positive action

Through real experiencers’ stories and evidence-based research, The Power of NOTEs reveals:

  • why NOTEs are humanity’s best-kept secret

  • the good, the challenging, and the dark side of NOTEs

  • how and why we’re neurologically hardwired to experience NOTEs

  • how NOTEs affect and enhance flow states

  • how NOTEs differ based on personality

  • the optimum ways to work with NOTEs, both during and beyond the experience

  • why NOTEs experiencers are at the forefront of humanity's evolution

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FREE Webinar: 3 Common Challenges After A Spiritual Experience & How To Overcome Them
10:00 AM10:00

FREE Webinar: 3 Common Challenges After A Spiritual Experience & How To Overcome Them

More and more these days, we have access to tools for mind expansion and spiritual awakening.  And that's a wonderful thing. However, with the smorgasbord of choice comes consequences. 

In this LIVE presentation, I'll share 3 common challenges that happen after a profound spiritual experience, and 3 practical time-tested ways to overcome them

Grab a cuppa, get cozy, and settle in for a great time.  There will be LIVE Q&A. 

See you there!

p.s. I'll also be sharing how you can join my NOTEs Mentorship Program, a personally-tailored 9-month journey for spiritually savvy people who are ready to play big in 2019 and make your calling a living, breathing, prosperous reality. 

p.p.s.  My newest book The Power of NOTEs: How Non-Ordinary Transcendent Experiences Transform The Way We Live, Love & Lead  is now out. If you're uber keen to unleash even more of your awesomeness, grab your signed copy and start making the most of your extraordinary experiences today.  

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How Near-Death and other NOTEs (Non-Ordinary Transcendent Experiences) Challenge Our Beliefs
7:00 PM19:00

How Near-Death and other NOTEs (Non-Ordinary Transcendent Experiences) Challenge Our Beliefs

Some experiences forever change the very foundations of how we understand ourselves and the world. In this intimate conversation we'll explore NOTEs (non-ordinary transcendent experiences)--such as near-death experiences, spiritual awakening, religious experience, revelation, and more--that often challenge what we believe. Such experiences can be particularly challenging for those who follow a faith path. Stories from Nicole's doctoral research into the aftereffects of life-changing NOTEs and personality will be shared.

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Finding And Keeping Flow: How To Harness Your Unique Type Melody And Optimise Life
11:45 AM11:45

Finding And Keeping Flow: How To Harness Your Unique Type Melody And Optimise Life

Flow—that exhilarating state of being that’s simultaneously transcendent and immanent. It demands our total moment-to-moment involvement with aplomb as well as a sense of joyful ease. Latest research findings suggest flow is also intimately linked to typology, that is, the ways our life-force energy innately moves and evolves. 

This interactive talk is part of the AusAPT National Conference, which is open to the public and designed for anyone with an interest in psychological type.

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Keynote: The "More" That We are: How Type Is Playing A Key Role In Planetary Awakening
to Oct 6

Keynote: The "More" That We are: How Type Is Playing A Key Role In Planetary Awakening

There is a revolution taking place. The farthest reaches of human experience have never been more accessible than they are today, and it’s transforming the way we live, love, and lead. As ordinary people increasingly tap into extraordinary experiences and abilities, how we as a species respond to current problems—from personal to planetary—is also evolving. Typology plays an important role in this shifting collective consciousness as each contributor’s genius shines through and adds to the diversity of solutions and ways of being. Together, we’re expanding the fundamentals of what it is to be human and what we may co-create.

The Australian Association for Psychological Type (AusAPT) Conference brings together 22 distinguished speakers and presenters from across the wide world of personality type: practitioners, writers, researchers, and more. 

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The 8 Transcendent Gifts Arising From NDEs and Other NOTEs (Non-Ordinary Transcendent Experiences)
to Sep 2

The 8 Transcendent Gifts Arising From NDEs and Other NOTEs (Non-Ordinary Transcendent Experiences)

This presentation shares experiencer stories and key findings from doctoral research that explored if and how personality plays a role in life-changing NOTEs (non-ordinary transcendent experiences), their aftereffects, and the meaning experiencers make of them. Examples of NOTEs include NDEs, NDLEs, kundalini awakenings, out-of-body experiences, revelation, divine encounters, paranormal experiences, psychedelic experiences, spiritual crises, and other STEs. The findings suggest there are transcendent dimensions to personality that are “switched on” or enhanced by profound NOTEs. These transcendent dimensions provide indications of the types of gifts experiencers come to know through their experience(s), often significantly shaping their life after their experience(s) and may eventually become gifts they choose to share with others.

IANDS Conference:

Explore the aftereffects & gifts of near-death and other extraordinary experiences with over 80 speakers, including pioneers in the field of NDE studies. IANDS is the world’s most reliable source of information on NDEs.

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Beyond Extraordinary Experiences
1:30 PM13:30

Beyond Extraordinary Experiences

When Nicole was 14 years old she had a near-death experience by drowning whilst white water rafting in New Zealand. In the following 6 months she lost three family members, including her father, all at separate times. She later came to understand these death experiences as a type of initiation into the non-ordinary realms. Although she was far too young at the time to understand and process all that grief, it nonetheless became a formative time and key to experiences that followed. Since that time Nicole has spent over two decades exploring other realities, human potential and how ordinary people deal with extraordinary experiences.

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