The Power of NOTEs Launch Party (a sparkly & spirited extravaganza)!

Well, it’s official . . . The Power of NOTEs has wings and is now flying throughout the world!


Our exclusive launch party in Sydney was a magical full-moon night. And I now know there’s no such thing as too many fairy lights!

On arrival, all guests received a traditional cleansing smoke and welcome to country from Uncle Neil Evers, a well-known and respected First-Nations elder of the region. Neil was assisted by siSTAR Eve Langford, the wonderful creatrix behind these awesome eco-wraps (which were actually inspired by a NOTE in the form of a dream)!


We were blessed with a suite of very special guest speakers.

First up was Susan-Moylan Coombs, proud Gurindji and Woolwonga woman, previous TV Producer for ABC and NITV, mental and spiritual wellness advocate, community empowerment rockstar, and running candidate for the next federal election. I first encountered Susan at the Happiness And Its Causes Conference (the world’s largest conference on happiness). She was speaking about the importance of spiritual health in moving forward as a people. I could not agree more.

On The Power of NOTEs Susan said,

When I was reading this amazing book, I was reminded of notes in perfume . . . There are high notes and low notes in a perfume and depending on how long you wear it, those notes come out. This book reminded me about the notes we have in our life, and how they can be anchor points. We can choose how we view them, and we can choose how we use them to either allow us to drop or to rise. And if we continue to rise with those NOTEs, life is limitless.


We heard from special guest Jonathan Gravenor, foreign correspondent and broadcast journalist who used to deliver news to millions of people. That is, until a NOTE came along in the form of cancer, awakening him to a journey of healing and discovery of self. He shared with us some personal stories along his journey, and an eventual realisation that:

Enlightenment is not a place we get to; enlightenment is simply a path we walk.

launch 3.jpg

Also sharing story was Karina Machado, former senior editor at WHO magazine. Karina has published numerous books relating to NOTEs in the form of spiritual awakening, contact with deceased loved ones, paranormal experiences, and supernatural encounters. She shared that she senses a greater shift taking place, of which NOTEs are an integral part.


From the USA, we were joined by Elizabeth Sabet, president of ACISTE (American Centre for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences).

And popping in from the UK was Katie Mottram, author, blogger, mind-spirit health advocate, co-founder of ISEN (International Spiritual Emergence Network), and creative force behind the #EmergingProud film and movement.

And of course, lots of book signing!

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And a whole heap of sultry music thanks to Matt the mysterious wandering musician.


And a word from my publisher, Gerry Roberts, President of Black Card Books.

The passport to explore how to get more out of life is this book. . . It’s practical knowledge on how people can enjoy more happiness, more health, and more wealth.

And a whole heap of healthy, wholesome, home-made delectable treats. Mmm…

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Special thanks goes to the amazingly talented Sherree Maniks for her decorative vision that made the night truly enchanting. Thanks too to Cloud 9 Events for generously sharing unheard of reams of fairy lights and sheer gold curtains — you truly made my night!

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launch 12.jpg
launch 11.jpg

And, of course, there’s nothing quite like waking (like a lavish goddess) to a house full of flowers the next day and sinking into the wonderful feeling that these marvellous books have started floating around town, sparking sacred conversations and opening minds, hearts, and spirits.

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I am in deep gratitude for all who came and all who have helped to launch this book into the big, wide world.

You can catch the online launch of the book here, where I give a tour of the book and also have some other special guests speak about their NOTEs.

Go here to buy a personally signed copy of the book — signed, sealed, and posted by yours truly. Or jump on Amazon for the digital version.

And if you’re ready to dive deeper with me into the power of your NOTEs, come along and check out The NOTEs Mentorship. It’s an intensive 9-month journey for people ready to step big into the life that truly calls and to use the gifts unique to you.

It’s a call to Agents of Awesomeness.

Yes, YOU! Your time is now.