3 Common Challenges After A Spiritual Experience & How To Overcome Them

Have you ever had a profound spiritual or beyond-the-ordinary experience that rocked your world?

If so, you’ll know that integrating such experiences is no smooth road. There are things to deal with in the short term, as well as more long-term. Changes can happen on the physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and social levels, making for a complicated mixing pot!

In this webinar I share 3 of the most common challenges faced by people who’ve had a non-ordinary transcendent experience—a NOTE. Examples of NOTEs include awakening experiences, near-death, near-death-like, kundalini, out-of-body, big dreams, and so many more. In fact, over 500 types of NOTEs have been documented!

I also share 3 time-tested ways to overcome any challenges along the spiritual path, so that you can get on with living a wholesome existence that’s in alignment with who you’re becoming.

Stay until the end to find out about my mentorship program, starting at the end of January 2019. It’s the support I always wanted whilst meandering on my path for many years, itching to live that force of something-so-much-more that wanted to come through.

Share with people you know going through this journey or with any professionals who work with NOTEs experiencers.

Shine on!

Big Love,

Nicole xx